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The Village Books Exchange Policy

We need and want your books! We're looking for books that are in good physical condition, of course. Other than that, here are the guidelines:

Paperbacks: In general, we swap books for store credit, at a quarter of their cover price. So if a paperback book's got a cover price of $8.00, we'll give you $2.00 in store credit.

Hardcovers: Hardcover books are less cut and dried, especially recent fiction. Their trade-in value will vary according to subject matter, condition and age. Keep in mind that we usually cannot sell hardcovers for half their cover price. We can offer more for older books in good condition (collectors' items or relatively rare first editions, for example).

What we're looking for: Of course, we're looking for every sort of book we sell, which is just about every sort of book. But we're especially on the lookout for

  • Quality paperback fiction of all genres
  • Histories of all sorts
  • Sports books
  • Books about music and musicians
  • Classics
And we always make sure to keep all our popular sections robust, as well, of course. That means we need good quality:
  • Romance
  • Mysteries
  • Science Fiction
  • Spy Novels
  • Westerns
  • Horror
  • Action/Adventure
Please note: We will generally pass on books that we already have one or more copies of in stock, or that are too tattered, or that have underlining or highlighting. Also, we are very selective about the hardcover fiction we take. Otherwise, bring 'em on!

Also, if you bring in a large stack of books (anything more than a single grocery bag's worth), we may ask you to leave the books with us. We will look them over as quickly as possible, on a first come, first served basis.

What to do with your store credit
? Well you can exchange it for books right away, of course! Or we will issue a credit voucher, which you can take with you or which we can hold in the store. Either way, you get a year to use your credit. You can use credit for up to 80% of any purchase. (There is a small number of antiquarian and/or rare books for which store credit may not be used.)

What about getting cash for books? At this time, we are offering store credit only. We may be willing to make occasional exceptions, especially for large caches of quality books or for books of higher individual value.

Any questions? Please feel free to call or drop in at your leisure.

Village Books * 344 North State Street * Ukiah, CA 95482 * (707) 468-5355
www.villagebooks-ukiah.com * jerry@rocketwords.com
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